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Date: 21st June 2016
Grinding Wheel For Roller
Grinding wheel for rollerIt is mainly applied to the continuous casting and rolling grinding of the production line,Website:http://www.chinaabrasivegrinding.com, such as hot rolled steel plate, cold rolled steel plate ,silicon steel plate, medium and heavy plate.mainly applied in grinding wheel and polishing tools, mechanically machining hard iron workpieces. These tools are extensively applied in automobile and astronautic industries, to produce high precision parts such as gear, bearing, cam shaft, crank shaft as well as engineering partsSpecial sizes of wheel Our company can be customized according to user requirements.Outer diameter?D (mm)Thickness T (mm)Hole diameter?H(mm)2040507580100152350??127400?203500?203610?305750????305800????305900????305915????305?355?5081066????305?355?508