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Date: 21st June 2016
Heavy Load Grinding Wheel For Billet
Heavy load grinding wheel for billetThe product is mainly applied to the grinding of heavy load billet,Website:http://www.chinaabrasivegrinding.com, it is identificated as the new achievements of science and technology bye Jiangsu province, and it is listed as "Torch Plan" key project by the national science and technology departments, and win the Jiangsu Province science and technology Progress Award.Special sizes of wheel Our company can be customized according to user requirements.Outer diameter?DThickness THole diameter?H4050?50.865?63.575?76.280100?102125?135152400?406XX??????127152.4500?508XXX?????127152.4203?203.2600?610?618??XXXXX?203?203.2305?304.8750?762?768??XXXX??203?203.2305?304.8900?914?????XXX305?304.8